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gives kids science experiment ideas and other science project topics. It also offers help when preparing for a science fair


Kids are naturally curious about the world. They like to ask a lot of questions; because that's the way they learn. As parents and teachers, we should be encouraging those questions, and helping them discover the answers for themselves. Developing a love of learning and knowing how to learn new things is increasingly important in our technological world. And Science Made Simple can help.

Science Made Simple, Inc. has been providing science projects and articles for children, and resources and educational information for parents and teachers since 1995. They also created the first free online unit converter in 1996.

Their projects are kid-tested to work right the first time. And their clear, easy to understand science articles are written and reviewed by scientists for accuracy.

In fact, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) used parts of our article "Why is the Sky Blue?" in one of their online classes.

And Encyclopaedia Britannica included us in their directory of the Web's best sites.

Your complete satisfaction is our goal. All Science Made Simple articles and subscriptions come with a "no questions asked" money-back guarantee.

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